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Too often groups try to be all things to all people. They try and try to establish a simple paragraph which lays out what their mission or purpose will be. I’ve been part of a committee which spent many hours drafting and fine tuning our mission statement only to find out we forgot something someone thought was very important. I prefer to break up the process of identifying exactly what we are trying to accomplish into four parts. The Vision lays out our ultimate and unqualified expectations. The Mission describes what we propose our Colony will look like. The Goals delineate how we propose to get there and our values sets a bar of behavior those that wish to join us will be expected to understand.



  1. A group of emigrants or their descendants who settle in a distant territory but remain subject to or closely associated with the parent country.

  2. A territory thus settled.

It is our intention to settle a territory as a Colony of like-minded, autonomous individual’s for the purpose of creating a safe and secure environment where our group can achieve an efficient, sustainable, self-sufficient life style for at least seven generations. The major tenet’s of this life style begins with self-responsibility and a degree of self sacrifice (altruism) in order to achieve our goals and continues through to making a personal investment into the group. We will honor all opinions, philosophies and faiths without judgment or condemnation as long as the groups goals and others opinions, philosophies and faiths are not compromised.


No, we don’t want you to abandon your family, don blue robes and “donate” everything you own to the cause. Just the opposite is to be expected. Members must be part of a family, autonomous and have ownership of their own equipment, tools, vehicles, etc. and when possible, their own land. Interaction among members is encouraged through trade and barter and once individual and family needs are met, sharing or bartering their excess freely and without expectations to others outside the group. The basic premise is to form an organic society where everyone’s voice is heard and the members of one circle interact with the members of the other circles. We will develop a method of governance that emphasizes this interaction.

All members should strive to bring their special talents, skills and wisdom to the group. (See attached Skills, Trades and Talents worksheet.) We do not want everyone thinking, acting or dressing the same. We will thrive because of our diversity and individuality. This is where some self-sacrifice and altruism will become necessary. Individuals should strive to work out any differences with one another and when there is a problem that affects the entire group, all members will be expected to participate in determining a solution.


Immediate Common Goals

  1. Establish an agricultural combine where we share our trials and tribulations regaining the lost art of natural, organic gardening with heritage (non-GMO and non-hybrid) plants.

  2. Establish a bartering/trade store where we can share, trade and barter for goods and services.

  3. Keep our money local by buying as much as possible from local members and merchants.

  4. Establish a security group who’s focus will be the immediate, short term and long term security of the group’s members.

  5. Establish a training group who’s focus will be learning dynamic governance, general education, skills training, and specialty training such as music, art and spiritual growth.

Long Term Goals

  1. Create a peaceful, self-sustaining and secure group environment for our children and future generations.

  2. Build an off-grid community that can provide electricity (solar, wind), heat (solar, rocket stove), water (wells), fuel (gasifier) and food (aquaponics) for all our members.

  3. We must wean ourselves off of petroleum products as much as possible.

  4. We must minimize our imports to a very few items we cannot provide for ourselves.


Many groups have formed over the years with similar goals. Not many were able to survive for any number of reasons. We don’t automatically assume our methods will work for everyone but we will strive to bring together as many people as are willing to give this a try. It is in the trying that we will succeed or not. Establishing true camaraderie among the members will be the basis for gaining the trust and friendship that will set us apart from other groups. It is vital that all members set aside their egos and suspicions in order to work within the group and to give the group time to mature.

There are no rules of engagement, contracts or promissory notes that must be completed before we interact. Keeping a few principles in mind as we interact with one another will go a long way toward achieving our goals. Consider the following;

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. (The Golden Rule)

  • Always try to be patient with others. (They may not process thought as fast as you.)

  • Always strive to be fair and honest. (Until others show themselves to not be fair and honest. Then don’t work with them anymore.)

  • Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

  • Do not engage in gossip, rumors or unnecessary talk about others in the group. (What you think of me is none of my business, or engage the brain before the mouth.)

  • Maintain civility and tolerance for others point of view. (You don’t have to agree with them.)

  • Don’t covet others property. (If it’s not yours, leave it alone.)

  • Don’t interfere in others personal relationships or try to help unless asked. (Then be wary!)

  • Respect others faith and worship practices. (So long as no one is sacrificing chickens at 3:00 AM.)

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