6. Security

Okay! You’ve provided shelter, energy, water and food for your family. You are confident that you can sustain these things for the foreseeable future and things are looking good. If only we could surround our little homestead with some kind of impenetrable bubble that would protect us from natural and unnatural disasters, intrusive government and the bad guys. The climate must be perfect all the year, July and August cannot be too hot, there’s a legal limit to the snow, The winter is forbidden till December and exits March the second on the dot. By order, summer lingers through September, the rain may never fall till after sundown and by eight, the morning fog must disappear. In short, there’s simply not a more congenial spot for happily-ever-aftering than here in Camelot. (If only…)

The unfortunate, harsh reality is many of us must live in or near crazy town. We certainly cannot control the weather, pick our neighbors or have stupid laws recalled with a simple phone call to those who are suppose to be representing us. The truth is at this time the cards are stacked against those of us who just want to be left alone to join with other like minded folks to create a safe, sustainable community without a lot of government intrusion. Understand that in order to be left alone we then become responsible for our own security. I can never understand folks who willingly take government assistance and then complain about government intrusion into their lives. It’s relatively simple, if you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas. After 9-11 it’s understandable but a tragedy how much of our freedom’s we gave up in the name of homeland security. When you abdicate your right to privacy and the right to defend yourself, you place yourself at someone else’s mercy, or lack thereof.


Security also means having your financial house in order. As long as we must participate in a fiat currency system propped up by a promise from the government hell bent on going broke, we will need to learn to take care of ourselves. You do know that our paper money is not worth the paper it is printed on, right? Our paper money simply declares that we will trust the government to decide what the paper is worth. When hyperinflation hits having all your money in the bank will be a bad thing. Overnight the government can devalue the dollar so when you wake up the next morning that $1,000 you had in the bank will now be worth $20 or even less. Least you think this hasn’t happened since the Weimar Republic collapse of 1923 allowed Hitler to take control of Germany, there have been over 20 countries that have experienced hyperinflation in just the last 25 years. Don’t think this could ever happen here in America? Well, the United States suffered two currency collapses, one in 1812-1814 and again in 1861-1865. Can it happen again? I wouldn’t bet against it. We will discuss methods of protecting a source of real currency (gold, junk silver, trade or barter items, but not Bit-Coins!) in case of hyper inflation or government bankruptcy. This means not placing all your money or investments in one place. Diversification is the order of the day and it isn’t such a crazy idea these days to squirrel away some cash in your mattress or even bury some cash in a cache. (They’re both pronounced the same way.) This again isn’t panicked, hysterical blowing of the proverbial conspiracy horn. (I love that image.) If you absolutely believe this can never happen to you, then you need to continue on your blissful path without needlessly worrying about this stuff. Oh, and best of luck to you and your family.


Another big security concern is being able to communicate with all the members of your family and Clan when it becomes absolutely necessary to do so. Knowing where to go or assemble in an emergency will save needless worry and concern. If you are at work and a major earthquake hits severing all travel routes, do your kids at school know how to get home or are they to stay where they are? If you and your spouse work in different cities can you find your way to gather everyone together if you can’t get home? Do you have the capability to let your clan know your situation and find out their conditions when the phones are down? If you can not communicate with those who most need to know how and where you are, there will be a real sense of being all alone just when you need the most amount of help. Least you think those inexpensive family radio service (FRS) radios or CB’s will do the job, they almost always have a limited range of just one or two miles without large antennas and everyone with these radios will be crowding the airwaves trying to get information on family and friends. We will cover which radios you need and how to use them as well as using secret codes to keep the bad guys from knowing your plans. Shoot, you may just want to learn Morse Code or the good old Boy Scout Flag Semaphore techniques. Simply knowing how to use a signal mirror and the universal SOS (dot-dot-dot dash-dash-dash dot-dot-dot, now you know two letters in Morse Code!) you can reach out almost one hundred miles or thousands of feet to an aircraft flying overhead in case of an emergency. There are many methods of communicating effectively as well as covertly if needed and we will cover these in this section.


Now there are many levels of security from digging a moat and throwing up massive ramparts to just being aware of your surroundings. We will try and bring some sensibilities to this discussion but you must be ready to recognize real threats and be willing to discuss perceived threats. Security isn’t just about being prepared to take on bad guys. Most of us have no idea just how bad these guys can be. Security forces train constantly to be in a position to repel bad guys. Most of us don’t take the time to train in order to repel gophers let alone bad guys. While we will cover self defense methods it is much more advantageous to not put yourself in a bad situation to begin with. I always yell at the ditzy blond girl as she starts down the basement stairs, “DON’T GO DOWN THERE!” (Apologies to all the smart blondes out there.) But she doesn’t hear my warning and while looking over her shoulder for someone to back her up heads down to her doom. Likewise, the innocent family that decides a roadside restaurant looks like a good place to stop for a bite and doesn’t recognize the large number of motorcycles parked out front as a potential threat are just not paying attention and are setting themselves up as potential victims. (Apologies to the doctors and lawyers who ride motorcycles.) So do pay attention to where you are at and learn to recognize potential threats so you can avoid them.


There is one major component to developing a well thought out and fully functioning security plan. We start with understanding the concept of Operational Security. This is referred to as OPSEC. This is the plan that covers all aspects of your families security in good times and bad. We don’t need the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) to develop a plan to provide for our security. As a matter of fact it will be too late to start once the s**t hits the fan (SHTF). In the case of a breakdown in our society without the rule of law (WROL), things will get real dicey real quick. (All the above anachronisms are popular with the prepper crowd.) We shouldn’t wait until its too late to develop a plan of action in case all of the above comes to pass. We will cover quite a bit of information on how to develop your personal OPSEC in the coming sub-sections so be patient and hope the zombie apocalypse doesn’t occur in the mean time.

Finally, as a part of the security section we will discuss the more hard line aspects of maintaining a strong security presence. Deadly weapons or deadly force should not be considered as a part of your plan unless you are planning to get the necessary training and you are ready to use said force. It’s one thing to watch all the videos on the internet and believe you are capable of firing a weapon or disarming a bad guy when push comes to shove, but as mentioned earlier, it takes quite a lot of constant training to be truly ready and able to defend yourself without hesitation. One of the worst things you can do is get hooked up with a cowboy who believes himself a reincarnation of Rambo or Batman. These guys generally don’t play well with others and brag about their abilities which of course falls far short of reality. A true warrior will not advertise his or her abilities instead keeping a very low profile until their skills are really needed. I can’t emphasize enough how just being familiar with your surroundings and not placing yourself in bad situations will go a long way in keeping yourself safe and out of harms way. What we will cover are how to handle situations which you may find yourself in through no fault of your own.

By all means, if you have the right mindset and are willing to put in the proper time to train, a weapon can be of great value. Learning a fighting discipline such as karate or Krav Maga takes quite some time to be truly proficient. Taking short cuts or believing yourself more proficient then you really are can only end in disappointment and tears so treat this section with all seriousness and get started with your training and developing your plan of action Now!