Ready to dive right in and start working towards a greater good. We spend lots of time wishing or dreaming of things we would do if we had the chance. Well, here is your chance. We are actively pursuing dreams by making them a reality. Want to know what it’s like to grow your own vegetables or raise your own chickens? Once you’ve grown a beautiful crop of tomatoes are you ready to put them up or dry them out for use later in the year? How about learning how to bake wonderful sourdough bread like our ancestors did for thousands of years. Visit the following affiliates to explore all the many ways we are putting our dreams into reality.

Country Farms Northstar Colony   An actual, working farm in Garner Valley, California. We are building an Aquaponic Greenhouse, raised planter beds, as well as a walapini!

Coming Soon!  Country Kitchens Northstar Colony which will feature many of the old ways of cooking and preserving food without chemicals. Follow this link to the ever popular Sourdough Boy website where you can learn how to bake bread the way it was done for thousands of years. (without chemicals or preservatives!)