A New Paradigm

The North Star or Polaris has been our celestial guide since at least the 16th century and will remain our pole star until around 3000 AD. We are just about half way through this cycle with plenty of time left for us to use this star as our guide. We seem to need direction from time to time as we make our journey through these uncertain times. Having a focal point and a track to run on helps us move forward with purpose because we are constantly inundated with noise, distractions and a general lack of truth and honesty from our surroundings.

Our human traits tend to gravitate towards a need to define something that is bigger than ourselves. From antiquity, cultures have gazed towards the sky and made many associations with the bright lights and marveled at their seemingly living motion that begged for an explanation. Maybe because the stars were always there in the sky, night after night, our ancestors gained a hope and appreciation for their existence.

We’ve chosen Northstar as our name and symbol of our focus. As the North Star always showed mariners and travelers which way they needed to go, always without fail, so we will use the North Star to be our symbolic guide towards were we need to go. There is much to discover and learn about how we should live, how we should interact with one another and how we must protect all life and leave a legacy which our children’s children will benefit from and appreciate. It is with much hope and great optimism that we layout these suggestions for us to follow.

As we observe our current situations, both locally, nationally or globally, we are confronted with an array of disturbing and unsettling information that does little to assure us of being able to continue with a lifestyle which will provide us with health and happiness as we would wish to pursue. Governmental intrusions into our lifestyle adds more issues and concerns. A society that caters to the entitlement mentality and accepts a lower bar of self-responsibility creates an environment that is not conducive to a society that can grow better and be self sustaining. Having declared what I believe is wrong with our society, I can proceed with my solutions to a better society for us and future generations.

That last sentence should be a tip off that these solutions are not meant for a here today, gone tomorrow philosophy. There are no quick fixes, no free lunches and as people who are trying to lose weight discover, it took a while to gain all that weight, it’s going to take some time to lose it. Our instant gratification mentality gets in the way of careful, thoughtful planning for our future. We are sold the bogus belief that credit is a good thing and everyone should have some, actually, the more the better! Bigger is better, more is more better and you’d better be the Jones’ cause trying to keep up with them is for losers.

Whew… I think I just made my case to find a better way to live. There are many tried and true methods that have worked for many centuries and on many continents in bringing peace and happiness to its inhabitants. How about we use just what we need at the moment, save for a rainy day and help our neighbors when we can. Waste not, want not is an idiom that sums up how many of us should live but don’t.

Together we can grow and accomplish many good things. When we withdraw into our own little bubble we may miss out on the many benefits of community.

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