Welcome to a new paradigm in sustainable living. We believe a completely new way of critical thinking is needed to break out of the chains put upon us by those who would wish to control our lives. “They” always assure us that it is for our own good and the betterment of society. Sadly, usually only a few at the top benefit from our enslavement.

It is our intention to provide some organization, a map if you will, to a way of living that will bring us peace and happiness, contentment, security and restore trust in our fellow men. The way is long and arduous. Others have tried to define the perfect society or a Utopia but have failed ending up with a dystopia instead. We have no illusions that our way is the only answer or the only way. These ideas are only suggestions and others will contribute to make a near perfect society, if it is even possible. We are after all working with flawed human beings with large egos, great pride, many suspicions and an inborn desire to survive at all costs. Unfortunately, we are products of our upbringing and exposure to those around us as we formulate our ideas and philosophies. I say unfortunately because we don’t always get a say in those learning experiences. So we must begin by unlearning bad habits and relearning some better methods of living with one another. We do not subscribe to the lone wolf principle as we are like pack animals and so accomplish much more as a group. There is safety in numbers and we believe we also have an inborn compassion that insists we take care of one another when help is needed. This does not mean insisting on helping where help is not needed or wanted.

We can promise that the rants about what is wrong with our society will be far outweighed by solutions. We appreciate those who pay attention enough to identify a problem but we have no patience for those who will only identify a problem but won’t offer a solution. Similarly, bemoaning bad luck, declaring no solution is possible or disparaging those who are trying to find a solution receive quick dismissal from us. They are free to express their own opinions as we are free to leave them to their own opinions. We propose a solution oriented program where all are given an opportunity to make suggestions and offer solutions and the best ones are selected for implementation. Some will work, others will not. Our success will derive from our working together, supporting each other and respecting our uniqueness, autonomy and faiths without question, preconceived notions or prejudices.

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Sapientia, Scientia, Veritas